Further Banshee

If you like me, or are that dead set on stalking and flaming me across the web, here are some other things I have done and/or continue to do.


Postpartum and the dark side of the rainbow” – Still Standing Magazine

Always the younger babies” – Still Standing Magazine

Hyperfertility & too much of a good thing” – Pregnant Chicken

My one-off baby – Pregnant Chicken

Making salons the new ‘safe space’

Review: Detroit’s “Dirty Show” 2016

Gay wedding cakes: More than just a dessert

Interview with Detroit artist Jack Summers

Interview with singer/artist Duane, formerly “the Brand New Dog”

Interview with “American Idol” alum Malaya

Interview with Lisa Lampanelli

Interview with singer Allie X

ReviewGarbage 20th anniversary tour

Interview with comedian Gina Yashere

ReviewBook “Gay & Lesbian History for Kids”

ReviewYouTube star Taylor Davis 2015 Tour

Interview with Las Vegas legend Frank Marino

Interview with Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi of “Throwing Shade” podcast and TV show

Review“Trailer Park Boys” Randy & Mr. Lahey 2015 Tour

Review“Kids in the Hall” 2015 tour

Interview with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 7 Winner Violet Chachki

Interview with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 6 Contestant Darienne Lake

When a lesbian becomes a man

Interview with “Trans Girl Next Door” creator Kylie Wu

The push to ban ex-gay therapy in Michigan

Features on gay-owned gelato shop and vegan bakery in Detroit

How American public schools hurt LGBT students: Cevin Soling speaks out

Feature on Cleveland Gay Games 2014

LGBT and Traveling: International students come to Michigan

Feature on LGBT group “Dykes on Bikes”

Providence College snubs gay activist Dr. John Corvino

I’m a former contributing writer to Hogwarts Radio, so if you’re interested in literary news (generally revolving around Harry Potter), take a look. The site has gone down periodically over the years and is not predominantly about the podcast.


Smergasbored, an all-purpose board that is so infrequently updated I sometimes forget about it.

Whatever the **** I find, a recipe/cooking/satire blog. In other words, I come up with recipes randomly (or try and use actual ones) using shit I’ve got lying around the house (but hopefully I’m using stuff from the kitchen). Have you ever read stuff from The Pioneer Woman? Think of me as The Poor-er-neer Woman (shut up, just go look at my blog).

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