When I was younger, my mother often described me as a “Raging Banshee.” Whether it was because of my unusually high pitched voice, the strange mixture of Irish and Italian that creates a volcanic anger, my perpetual ranting even back in preschool, or simply the unkempt mess of hair I had… I do not know. The description stuck with me.

Here at “Raging Banshee,” you can expect to be subject to, well, my banshee like wails, rants, and rages. This is an exercise in my ability to channel my near constant frustration with the world into words that some of you may enjoy reading. Or might hate reading.

In other words, this is an experiment. A project. All to see if I can feel less stressed, less frustrated, and overall less angry if I just write down whatever I turn into verbal rants (or forum flames).

If I fuel your rage, feel free to comment; this whole website is about getting the anger out of the physical world and into a healthier written one.

The world is unfair and hard to change. Might as well bitch about it.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Tara says:

    Hi There
    I just read your blog on pregnant chicken and wanted to thank you for writing it.
    Thank you for showing that thyroid is a major issue and not just a crutch used as an excuse for weight gain (words from my doctor).
    I had a total thyroid removal as well, and my endo and my doc dismissed my concerns that my miscarriages could be related to thyroid levels. As frustrating as it is, I was happy to read that your doctor is responsive and you got to have your little one.
    It isn’t my story, as there won’t be any babies in my life at this point, but I continue to spread the thyroid word and would love to share your blog with people that would find it supportive.

    • Thank you Tara, that’s so kind of you. I sincerely hope you find peace or do end up with a miracle. I know how awful this thyroidless life can be. I will be writing more on the subject in the future, as well.

      Thank you again for commenting!

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