Reconciling being pro-choice after recurrent pregnancy loss


Photo by Burst on Unsplash

I have a lot of feelings on this one.

I have long been very pro-choice — “virulently,” I’ve often joked. I don’t care or need to know what the reason is for a woman to choose termination; I don’t need to know how many weeks she is (especially since I’m well researched into the realities of what a third trimester abortion actually entails); I don’t need to know what she was or is like in her past, present or future.

But, as I’ve seen discussed in my loss groups and uttered by people unaffected by either loss or abortion, “How is one OK but not the other?”

In other words — if we say it’s okay to terminate an embryo or fetus at certain points because they are not yet living, why should miscarriage at those points mean anything?

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